Music Teacher (High School & Elementary School)

  • Livingston, NJ
  • Pillar Schools
  • Part-time

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Teacher of Music


Works with students to provide classroom music to engage, stimulate, and develop student interest in rhythm, song, and instruments. Position should encourage participation, choice making, and vocalizations.   




  • Organizes several school assemblies based on a theme or holidays throughout the year
  • Provides music instruction groups within the classrooms according to a set schedule 
  • Plans for a variety of songs, instruments or other appropriate materials to stimulate interest and encourage student participation 
  • Works with classroom and therapy staff to organize and plan monthly and seasonal school assemblies 
  • Keeps current with and adheres to safety and emergency procedures including universal precautions to prevent the spread of infectious disease
  • Utilizes effectively a combination of appropriate teaching materials and techniques
  • Acts as a good role model by maintaining appropriate classroom behavior and conversation in front of students and visitors at all times, and by maintaining regular attendance and punctuality
  • Utilizes computer technology to support instruction and to manage classroom and administrative tasks
  • Implements appropriate behavior management techniques; effectively maintains classroom management
  • Keeps current on educational research, trends, and practices, and implements them when appropriate
  • Performs other related tasks as required


  • Detailed knowledge of practices and principles of education of children with various handicaps'
  • Knowledge of child development
  • Ability to establish and maintain relationship with each child assessing abilities and limitations
  • Learn use of and operate adaptive equipment
  • Ability to perform physical activity
  • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality
  • Adhere to personnel policies and safety procedures
  • Establish and maintain proper working relationship with students, supervisors, administrators and families
  • Basic knowledge of computer technology.


B.A./B.S. Degree; N.J. certification as Teacher of Music; previous experience with developmentally disabled students preferred; fingerprint examination and approval by State of New Jersey


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