New Awning Constructed at Pillar High School

Donors of Pillar Care’s annual Steps to Independence: Text for a Cause initiative funded the construction of a new awning at Pillar High School. The awning will keep students with disabilities safe from inclement weather as they arrive and depart from the school. Many students of Pillar High School use powered wheelchairs or electronic communication devices that risk malfunction when wet. Due to the time it takes for a student to safely exit a bus via powered lift, the new awning will keep students and their devices dry.


Thank you to McCombs Steel, Harrington Construction, Lakeside Construction, Triad Coatings & Construction LLC and Alston Construction for their generous gifts to complete this project. Pillar Care is grateful for the consistent support from these organizations to improve the lives of students with disabilities. See pictures of the completed awning below.


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