Special Needs Schools
Special Needs Schools

Pillar Elementary School (which includes a preschool, elementary school and middle school) and Pillar High School are separate facilities with a shared philosophical approach to meeting the unique needs of students with a wide range of disabilities. We focus on students with multiple and severe disabilities and medical challenges.

Our program stresses a rigorous and comprehensive therapy program and state-of-the-art educational technology as well as a job training and placement program that is supported by partnerships with local corporate and nonprofit organizations that provide unparalleled opportunities to gain real-life work experience.

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Pillar Schools
Elementary School
51 Old Road Livingston, NJ
High School
71-77 Okner Parkway Livingston, NJ

We incorporate physical, occupational and speech therapies into the classroom setting. Our certified therapists work throughout the school day to provide a range of intensive services and work collaboratively with teachers, paraprofessionals and families. This multidisciplinary approach has been shown to result in the best outcomes for students. The Pillar Schools offer a wide range of specialized services that are unique to our program:

  • Aquatic therapy in our on-site therapy pools
  • Equine therapy in a nearby therapeutic riding program
  • Vision Therapy in a highly unique vision training room
  • Outdoor therapy in our accessible outdoor play parks
  • Behavioral intervention team focused on positive and motivating strategies, led by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
  • Sensory integration therapy in fully equipped new sensory rooms
Special Education
Our special education program provides a rigorous academic curriculum and capitalizes on the numerous advantages educational technology offers to students with disabilities while maintaining a traditional academic environment:
All Pillar classrooms are equipped with iPads and use interactive smart boards to enhance delivery of content.
Communication Systems
Our experts in Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Assistive Technology work with students to acquire and use communication systems tailored to their needs.
A computer center offers 12 fully accessible computer work stations with adapted desks and touch-screen monitors.
Our Center for Literacy and Volunteerism offers students a 21st century library that blends traditional reading with interactive technology.
Media Center
A media center allows students to broadcast their own weekly news segment while working with speech therapists.
We adhere to the New Jersey State Core Curriculum Content Standards while working in tandem with customized goals created for your child.
Curriculum specifically geared toward the needs of our students are utilized including, but not limited to Equals Math, Reading A-Z, Handwriting Without Tears, Science A-Z and Aided-Language Stimulation. Our special education teachers work closely with our therapists in a multidisciplinary approach to create goals and evaluate progress.
Life Skills
Our Life Skills rooms allow all students to gain practical life skills such as doing laundry, cooking and cleaning.

Health Services

Each of our schools has a student health center with nursing staff on-site the entire school day to respond to medical emergencies and to address any and all health related issues for our students. A social worker is also available to support families in accessing the services they need and assisting them with transition planning. We also have experts to assist in the acquisition and maintenance of durable medical equipment. We offer several on-site clinics.

Job Training

Work is important for young adults.

It helps them feel valued, trusted and accepted while instilling the pride of independence. We develop appropriate work opportunities for every student. Our job training and placement program offers:

  • Certified Structured Learning Experience Teacher (SLE)
  • Certified employment specialists with the expertise to support students working at job sites
  • More than a dozen corporate partners who help to create work experiences for students
  • In-house job training that includes a dedicated vocational training room and a school store run entirely by students

Transition Planning

We work hard to prepare our students for a successful transition to adulthood. Our high school provides:

  • Ongoing counseling and support to students and their
  • Access to agency experts on adult and residential
  • Free workshops on critical issues related to special needs
    planning and guardianship.


Above and Beyond

We work hard to offer our students opportunities they would have nowhere else:

  • Our high school’s Entrepreneurs Program allows students to make their own wood furniture, greeting cards, t-shirts and other products and sell them at sites in the community
  • The high school’s music studio involves all students (including our many non-verbal students) in writing and recording their own songs, publishing CDs and creating music videos; our elementary school offers a traditional music class to all students once per week
  • Our partnership with local theatres and our independent theater program provide creative opportunities ranging from costume making to scenery painting to acting and
    allow students to demonstrate their talents in front of an audience.
  • All students participate in one of our many student clubs and activities, including karate, yoga, choir, horticulture, yearbook and photography.
About our Students
Pillar School students face challenges that include but are not limited to developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, traumatic brain injuries, seizures disorders, visual /hearing impairments, Down Syndrome and students that are medically fragile.
For more information please contact
Pillar Elementary School
David Orioki, Principal
(973) 629-8042
Pillar High School
Joseph Schwartz, VP for Education & Principal
(973) 535-1999
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