Residential Services
Residential Services

Our residential services program works to provide individualized support in a 24-hour setting for adults with disabilities and special needs.

We believe that adults with disabilities should have the same rights as any other adults to live and thrive independently within their community. We opened our first community residence in 1997 and have worked continually to develop new homes in multiple counties throughout Northern New Jersey to help the thousands of families in need of this assistance. We provide around-the-clock care to achieve and/or maintain outcomes of increased independence, productivity, enhanced family functioning and inclusion in the community.


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In a typical community residence, there are four housemates with similar needs and challenges. Each resident enjoys their own person-centered bedroom as well as large communal living areas – residents can enjoy being part of an extended family while pursuing their individual interests and expressing their unique personalities. Our residential staff respect the individualized choices made by each resident in all aspects of their daily living. The majority of community residences are fully accessible and family members may visit at any time to support their loved ones.


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Each Pillar Care Residential staff member meets our agency’s and New Jersey State Licensing standards and receives ongoing monitoring, training and support by our qualified training staff and their supervisors. Our Residential staff:

  • Have undergone fingerprinting as well as a thorough background check
  • Are monitored on an ongoing basis by our Residential Coordinators and Director of Residential Services and are regularly inspected by our Director of Training and Quality Assurance
  • Have a valid New Jersey Drivers license and passed Pillar driving and training testing
  • Receive regular agency trainings and attend continuing education courses to ensure their skills specific to their job requirements remain on par with agency and New Jersey State licensing standards

Daily Living Skills

We work closely with each resident to meet his/her personally defined outcomes noted in their Individualized Service Plan (ISP) to function as independently and successfully as possible.

Every household activity offers an opportunity for one to learn and grow with our residential staff identifying opportunities to involve residents in medication education, financial/budgeting skills, meal preparation, cooking, cleaning, laundry and other chores that help instill a sense of pride and ownership. Residential staff also routinely assist with all aspects of personal care.

Community Integration

We believe that individuals with disabilities and special needs should be able to participate in any and every activity that a community has to offer.

Residential staff identify a host of activities for residents to choose from: art programs, dances, shopping, restaurants, exercise classes, sporting events, theater – there are no limits. Residents also routinely join with residents from our other homes to collaborate on parties for any of a number of special occasions.

Behavioral Support Services

Our behavior specialists work to make the experience at Pillar Care person-centered and fulfilling, while promoting independence in a positive atmosphere.

On-site behavior specialists at our Day Programs for Adults work with our group home residents to observe and assess behaviors, develop behavior support plans, address behavioral issues, and train staff on how to support our participants. Behavior assessment results are communicated with internal and external parties to ensure each participant is receiving the necessary care to reach independence.


Members of the community routinely volunteer with our community residences. Some visit to socialize and play games, others to entertain with musical skills and others plan activities that range from baking to basketball. All volunteer visits are designed to enrich the overall living experience of each homes’ residents.

How to Obtain Housing

Obtaining a spot in a community residence can be done through one’s designated Support Coordinator who submits a referral to start the process to obtain housing for one in need. If you have questions about the process, please call us.

Pillar Care Continuum is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider.

Interested in an available room in our group homes?

To make a referral, please fill out the form below or contact Corry DeMarco at [email protected] or (973) 821-8114.

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