Therapies in Public Schools
Therapies in Public Schools

Our Public School Therapies program is designed to deliver the highest caliber therapy services directly in public schools with minimal disruption to students’ daily educational lives.

We provide expert therapists with ongoing quality assurance oversight to ensure we are maximizing results with a minimal impact on your district’s budget.

We provide an array of services including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Initial evaluations and re-evaluations
  • Assessment and staff training for augmentative and alternative communication systems
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy services
  • Staff in-services on incorporating highly successful therapy programs, such as Handwriting Without Tears, into the classroom
  • Identifying and securing adaptive equipment (e.g., feeding chairs, strollers, splints)
  • IEP recommendations and attendance at IEP meetings when requested
  • In-home and out-of-district therapy, education and other supports, including transition from early intervention

Working with Pillar Care Continuum ensures you will have a staff member who meets our agency’s rigorous standards and is receiving ongoing monitoring, training and support. Our staff:

  • are licensed by the State of New Jersey
  • have undergone fingerprinting as well as a thorough background check
  • received school certification from the NJ Department of Education
  • are monitored on an ongoing basis by a coordinator who is also a trained, certified therapist
  • receive yearly agency trainings and attend continuing education courses to ensure their skills remain on par with agency standards
Why Public School Therapies Makes Financial Sense
Our program was designed to deliver quality services in the most cost-effective manner possible:
  • Our therapists have experience working with students with multiple  disabilities, which can help reduce the number of out of district placements
  • We treat in groups when appropriate, which provides cost-savings versus only individual sessions
  • We assume the time-consuming and costly task of recruiting therapists
  • Pillar Care absorbs the cost of benefits, sick and holiday pay for our therapists
  • We provide our therapists with an array of formal assessment tools and general therapy equipment, saving you the cost of purchasing these
  • Our Durable Medical Equipment Specialist can help obtain necessary equipment at a reasonable cost to your families as well as advice regarding Medicaid reimbursement
For more information please contact
Carrie DiStefano, Coordinator of Public School Therapies
How to Help
Our supporters are critical to maximizing the effectiveness of our organization. There are a number of ways you can help.