Livingston, Essex County
Livingston, Essex County
Four bedroom group home in Livingston, NJ
Living Room
A spacious living room greets you as you enter the home. The recently refurnished room is the ideal place for residents to visit with guests or to relax with a movie.
The light oak cabinets match the wooden floors throughout the house keeping the kitchen feeling homey. The space provides residents the opportunity to help out in the kitchen and exercise independence as they see fit. Not pictured is the stove-top oven and counter space opposite of the sink.
Dining Room
The well-kept dining room is a perfect place for meals, board games, and for residents to socialize.
The bathrooms include fully accessible showers that feature matching mosaic tiles on the floor and shower walls.
Vacant Bedroom
The vacant room receives plenty of natural light to keep the room feeling cozy. The room is furnished with dressers and an adjustable bed. Residents are welcome to decorate their room to their personality. The room also has a closet for clothes and personal belongings.
Back Deck
The house has a back deck that is great for summer barbeques and spending time outdoors.
An accessible ramp leads to a spacious backyard perfect for residents to enjoy lawn games or other activities with guests and volunteers.
Interested in filling a vacancy?

To make a referral, please contact Corry DeMarco at [email protected], or at (973) 821-8114.